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Latest blogs

Conquering abstractness in Deaf Education

Created by - Remya Raj

Conquering abstractness in Deaf Education

One of the major problems face by the deaf community as a whole is poor linguistic development and a functional language to understand and comprehend abstract ideas. This barrier is what prevents the deaf community to take up mainstream jobs, It also comes across as a major obstacle in the education field where the curriculum focuses on passing abstract ideas to deaf students who are having a hard time comprehending the nature of the education which is trying to be transpired, resolving this major problem will create efficiency in the deaf community to understand abstractness which will allow them to take up mainstream jobs.Mission and Vision – To Develop proficiency in the deaf community to understand abstract ideas for realizing their hidden potential. Breaking down the problem of the language barrier to prevent exploitation from the mainstream thereby enabling the deaf community to make decisions in life

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Published - Tue, 20 Sep 2022

Communication Skill

Created by - Remya Raj

Communication Skill

Inclusion is possible only through acceptance and understanding. Eye contact is a key element for Deaf people when communicating. So when communicating with a deaf person, always keep in mind to maintain eye contact. Deaf people use their hands for communication and you’d be surprised how easy it is to convey a message even with rudimentary hand signs. A small gesture can mean the world to a deaf person and their confidence.Deaf children with hearing parents face some issues that parents won’t allow them to use oral language and try many methods to make the child talk. A hearing person uses their voice for communication and the deaf use their hands to communicate.

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Published - Tue, 20 Sep 2022

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